Course Design

"As soon as it was decided that SkySports would be filming the Par 3 Championship  I felt that it was essential the cameras and the crowd attending could have something special to really grab their attention on the 9th hole." said proprietor Rick Cressman.

It had always been a challenging hole, but on many occasions Mark Mouland's, had suggested the water in the pond at the back of the green could and should be brought around to the front of it to make it more dramatic and exciting!

So, with Mark's inspiration it was agreed to put in the perspiration and make it happen. Mark's builder, Mark Kennedy, has carried out a number of projects on the course over the last fee years but this has certainly been the most challening. Work started at the beginning of April 2007 and in the process of digging out the new pond, at least 100 tonnes of soil must have been moved and re-used on other aspects of landscaping around the course.

To control the level of the pond at the front of the green at about 4 feet below the level of the water at the back of the green, a wall and sluice gate had to be constructed as well as a bridge to link the left hand fairway to the green. With the planting surrounding the new pond, the waterfall and fountain features incorporated into the design of the hole. I hope that all the competitors, galleries and TV viewers will really appreciate the new look and enjoy the extra excitement it brings.